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WIJSF Newsletter July 2012

WIJSF – We put women musicians to work and get their music heard by multitudes!
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Our 182 members: 84 musicians, 11 students, 40 men and three venues welcome newest members: Dr. Alston Gooding, Pamela Hart, Alfreda Upshaw, Richard Carpenito, Pamela A. Adams, William H. Roberts, Anjal, and Anita C. Havel. Our members are from five countries: U.S., Angola, Holland, Sweden and Italy.

We especially welcome our sister organization Women in Jazz Association, Inc. Thanks to our board members for their continued support.  We welcome our new Treasurer Dr. Alston Golding and Vice President Stan Alston.

Refer your friends for membership? Simply suggest that they support women musicians! Members, bring your  dues current!

The summer is upon us and there’s not much happening here in South Florida with our members. However, Jus’ Cynthia is staging her play “Their Story Is Our Story” for the second run; Mimi Johnson now has her own weekly Web TV Show on; and Joan Cartwright is on her way to her native New York City to perform with Bertha Hope and Kim Clarke at the Langston Hughes Library in Corona. Plus, I’m still hosting MUSICWOMAN RADIO on BlogTalkRadio, while Mimi hosts THE ARTS REPORTER.

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