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WIJSF News August 2012

 Celebrating 5 years of Musical Service!

Musicians in New York City
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Rew StarrWHO is Rew?

Also a musicians, Rew Starr hosts a weekly online radio show “Rew & Who?” and guess who was her guest on July 25th? Diva JC!

That’s Who!

In her native New York, Joan performed Amazing Musicwomen!

July 28, 2012

Joan Cartwright, Bertha Hope and Kim Clarke at the Langston Hughes Library in Corona, NY.

Many thanks to director Andrew P. Jackson for bringing us back for the second installment of Amazing Musicwomen!

Steve Cook, Bertha Hope, Dotti Anita Taylor, Joan Cartwright, Kim Clarke and Andrew P. Jackson at Langston Hughes Library in Corona

On August 2, Diva JC interviewed Jazz Journalist Deb Morris on  MUSICWOMAN RADIO, and last weekend, Mimi Johnson hosted THE ARTS REPORTER.  Mimi’s weekly Web TV Show at will be daily come September!

Mimi Johnson will star as Billie Holiday in Angie The Musical opening on Saturday, August 11 @ The Fourteenth Street Playhouse, Atlanta, GA.

WIJSF – We put women musicians to work and get their music heard by multitudes!

Our 182 members: 84 musicians, 11 students, 40 men and three venues welcome newest members: Dr. Alston Gooding, Pamela Hart, Alfreda Upshaw, Richard Carpenito, Pamela A. Adams, William H. Roberts, Anjal, and Anita C. Havel. Our members are from five countries: U.S., Angola, Holland, Sweden and Italy. Join us!

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We salute our sister organization Women in Jazz Association, Inc. founded by Pamela Hart, in Austin, TX. We look forward to partnering with this and other organizations dedicated to presenting and preserving the music of women.

Thanks to our board members for their continued support.  Refer your friends for membership; suggest that they support women musicians! Members, bring your  dues current!

Hot, hot summer with lots of music happening.  Jus’ Cynthia‘s play “Their Story Is Our Story” enjoyed a second run; Mimi Johnson plays Billie Holiday in “Angie The Musical“, opening August 11 at the 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta, GA.

Dee Daniels and TK Blue
July 29, 2012, NYC

Dee Daniels rocked the house at SMOKE in Manhattan.  Singers Cynthia Holiday, Antoinette Montague, Cynthia Scott and Joan Cartwright joined Dee onstage for blues renditions to remember!  Dee’s Midlife Crisis is a lively addition to the WIJSF Compilation CD Volume II.

On my way to meet WIJSF member Lenore Raphael for lunch just off Columbus Circle, I stopped to listen to this violin duet.  They are fresh, young and talented. I invited them to join our organization because I could see them down the road being accomplished and acclaimed.

Charly and Margaux are dedicated to performance.  Watch out for them in the future!

Lenore Raphael is a contributor to the WIJSF COMPILATION VOLUME II.  Her composition Johnny Jazz is a swinging tune on our sophomore project.  Lenore holds master classes in North Carolina and performs in NYC, where she hosts a weekly TV show.

Dee Ramey hosts “I LOVE JAZZ” on WHCR 90.3 FM at City College in NYC.  Dee interviewed Joan about her music and the organization.  She played songs from both compilation CDs and promoted the concert on July 28 at Langston Hughes Library.

Joining us was jazz promoter Jim Harrison who founded Jazz Spotlight Productions in the 1960s and produced concerts with Betty Carter, Irene Reid, Lee Morgan, Freddy Hubbard and many more jazz greats.

The best music of all!

Dotti Anita Taylor

Immediate Past President of International Women in Jazz in NYC

Dotti Anita Taylor and Lois Tepfer

Dotti and Lois play “Rapsody in Blue”


Sabrina Rich and Sandra Deal performed at SunTrust Jazz Brunch in July.  We urge all ladies who perform and compose music to join us and submit your song to our third compilation CD to be released January 2013.

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Congratulations to our member Phyllis Kotey who received a Fulbright Fellowship to travel to Ghana to teach JUSTICE for 10 months.  Phyllis is a law professor at Florida International University and has served as a Judge in the Broward County Court System.

Mzuri Moyo is moving to Los Angeles in October.  She’s had great success with her portrayal of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer.


We were awarded a $4,000 from Broward School Board Student Enrichment in the Arts Program (SEAS) to present COMMUNITY VOCAL ENSEMBLE on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, at the Dillard Center for the Arts in Fort Lauderdale, for Broward Public School students.

✿ღ(̆̃̃ڿڰۣ✿..Happy August!!!