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The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.  Gustave Flaubert

Featured in this issue: Cettina Donato, Lorna Lesperance, Wayne Rediker, Mimi Johnson, Debbie Pierce, Dee Daniels, Nick Mathis, Lenore Raphael, and MEOWCon.

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Cettina and Joan

The description of my trip to Europe from July 3-27, is “Mission Accomplished!”  Our International President Cettina Donato (right) met me face-to-face at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia.  (SPECIAL SHOW with International President Cettina Donato on Monday, August 12 @ 3 p.m. EST on MUSICWOMAN RADIO)

Quincy Jones (80) graciously accepted my book that contains the interview I did with him in 1993, in the same building in Montreux, Switzerland. And, most importantly, I represented WIJSF and the USA at the 3rd WIMUST Conference convened by Fondazione Adkins-Chiti (pronounced Kiti) in Fiuggi, Italy. [Read their August newsletter.]

It was an honor to give the following presentation on July 4th to 40 women composers and musicians from the European Union (EU):

While touring Europe as a vocalist from 1990 – 1998, it was clear to me that music, jazz in particular, is a universal language. Upon returning to Florida, in 1996, I needed to do something else to make a living, as musicians make very little income in the USA. So, my lecture on Women in Jazz for school-aged children, became my focus, which I presented through grants from the Broward County School Board’s Student Enrichment in the Arts (SEAS) to thousands of students, since 1997.  The book Amazing Musicwomen , was published in 2009, along with my book about the business of music, So, You Want To Be A Singer?

Since 2012, an 8-woman ensemble (3 vocalists, 1 dancer, piano, bass, drums, and sax) performed twice in 2012, and twice in 2013. Although audiences said they enjoy our presentation, it is difficult to book this all-female ensemble. [Amazing Musicwomen Ensemble].

For 34 years, I worked with male musicians. I joined International Women in Jazz (IWJ) in New York but the distance to Florida (1,300 miles) is too great to address the status of women in music in Florida. So, in 2007, Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. was incorporated as  a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes women musicians, globally.  To date, we have 225 members with 108 musicians and 117 supporters, including 47 men. As the sole staff member, I meet with board members (5) to determine how we can move the organization forward. My duties include maintaining the website, writing grants for concerts of original music by our musical members, hosting a weekly online radio show at, and publishing our online, monthly newsletter, featuring news, CD releases and performance schedules of members. 

In 2010, 2011, and 2012, we released compilation CDs of 10 fabulous female composers. The music of 27 women are available at The music is eclectic, that is, not all jazz. The only requirement is that is it original.
Logo wimust (1)Members of IWJ referred me to Fondazione Adkins-Chiti: Donne in Musica, resulting in Sarah Ernst Edwards’ interview with me, published in the book Donne in Jazz; our organization is an International Honour Committee Member; and my attendance at the 2013 WIMUST Conference, sponsored by 85+ donors at that raised $5,000 in cash and in-kind services for my travel expenses!


In my third year of Doctoral studies in Business/Marketing at Northcentral University online, my dissertation is The Music Service Provider, Business Responsibilities, and the Inequity of Income Earned by Women Musicians.  

Research shows that

  1. Music is a $27 Billion industry with $12.5 Billion in the USA
  2. Although women pay 53% of the taxes on Earth, only 1% of public funding in Europe applies to women’s music. Men head 89% of cultural organizations and the 11% headed by women do not support women musicians and composers. In the USA, organizations like Florida State Cultural Division, Broward County Cultural Division, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), ASCAP, BMI, and the Musician’s Union have few statistics about the number of women musicians.
  3. Jazz Musicians are 85% male, according to Joan Jeffri’s report to the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA).

wimust2013groupAttendees at the 3rd WIMUST Conference in Fiuggi, Italy


While WIJSF’s association with Donne in Musica remains the most important international affiliation for our organization, we are members of Women in Music in Serbia, at the invitation of Vojna Nesic!

These associations increase our visibility and strengthen our potential to increase the profile of our members. We MUST continue this important work to make those who pay taxes, control budgets for cultural programming, and general audiences aware of the inequity of income earned by women musicians and composers. The Business of Music among women must be discussed and improved. 

As I journeyed on to the Umbria Jazz Festival, in Perugia, and Montreux Jazz Festival and Montreux Meets Brienz, in Switzerland, I noted that

  1. At Umbria Jazz, few female instrumentalists headlined – Diana Krall and Sarah McKenzie (piano/voice), Hiromi (piano), and vocalists Simona Molinari, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gal Costa, and Cecile McLorin Salvant. Noted guitarist/songwriter Pino Daniele had three females in his band – Elisabetta Serio Bis (Rome) on keyboards, Lakecia Benjamin (USA) on sax, and vocalist Awa (Paris). I asked Elisabetta if she gave Daniele her music. She said “No”. I encouraged her to do so, though she seemed a little reserved. Another fine pianist/composer Sade Mangiaracina from Sicily performed with vocalist Simona Molinari. Also, our International President Cettina Donato was engaged to accompany student vocalists of Berkelee College.
  2. At Montreux Jazz featured even fewer female musicians. I enjoyed the country singer/songwriter Valerie June who played guitar and banjo. I gave my book A History of African American Jazz and Blues to Quincy Jones, whom I interviewed for this book in 1993, in the exact same building! This was a very special moment for me, especially, when I told Quincy that I had attended the WIMUST Conference. His response was, “I always worked with women musicians like Melba Liston!” Also, much to my surprise, PRINCE was accompanied by three females on guitar, bass, and drums.
  3. Of the bands I heard in Brienz, no female musicians were featured. I was told that Julie from Paris performed wonderfully, on saxophone. There was a dynamic quartet of teenage boys (13-15) from Russia and three male saxophonists with a trio from Sicily, leading me to believe that the Good Ole Boys Club is being proliferated through European youth bands. The young bassist from the Open Jazz Youth Band from Sicily did say, “My dream is to find a girl drummer!”


Photo by Urs Zimmermann

Photo by Urs Zimmermann taken at Montreux Meets Brienz with Joan Cartwright and young musicians from Bern, Switzerland

My conclusion is that the low numbers of women musicians being booked at major and minor festivals and concerts is largely due to lack of awareness or, perhaps, consciousness about this problem. We MUST continue to create awareness in all arenas, not just cultural arenas, but in political and economic arenas because women musicians only earn 64% of what male musicians earn, while women in other fields earn 75% of what men earn.

Fondazione Adkins-Chiti: Donna in Musica – Future Developments

  • On the 12th September, we are at Europe House in London for the English presentation of WIMUST.
  • On the 13th November, a Workshop for Composers will be held at the European Parliament in Bruxelles.



1. WIMUST – Access and Equal Opportunities for Women in the Performing Arts

Important request! The petition addressed to all European governments to assume the European Parliament Resolution, 10 March 2009, is online. Please sign THE PETITION and pass on to your network. You do NOT need to be European or a musician or composer to sign the petition! Please ask all your associates, family members, and friends to sign the petition as soon as possible.
Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica
Teatro Comunale, Piazza Trento e Trieste 1
IT – 03014 Fiuggi (FR)


Send the following information (no more than 20 lines please) BY SEPTEMBER 1, 2013  to

  1. Name and place of birth (please indicate if we can use these)
  2. Actual residence
  3. Studies undertaken
  4. 5 most important professional events that have recognised your work and talent
  5. Titles and dates of 10 works or Cds that you consider representative of your work
  6. A contact address (email or website) that we can include for those who might wish to receive further information OR the name and website of your principal editor/record company.


There are two important conferences in October in Jamaica, W.I. and Austin, TX.  Your support will get us there.

WIJSF Founder and Executive Director Joan Cartwright has been invited to present two papers: Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians and The Sign of the Blues at the Edna Manley College Rex Nettleford Arts Conference. WIJSF President Lorna Lesperance and Vice President Cleve Bryant (our resident photographer) have agreed to attend, also.

The cost of attendance at this conference is $3,500

October 24-28, 2013 – To promote WIJSF, INC. and musical members, Joan Cartwright and Lorna Lesperance wish to set up a booth at MEOWcon: A Conference for Women in Music in Austin, TX. to share information about our organization, sell compilation CDs of our member composers to raise funds for the organization, and recruit new members. Our organization will be one of few organizations representing women in jazz.

The cost of attendance at this conference is $2,700

The total cost to attend these two important conferences is $6,200. Your contribution will enable us to further our mission to promote women musicians, globally!

See what we do at




lorna and wayne

WIJSF President Lorna Lesperance
and member Wayne Rediker – August 6, 2013
“FUN ON 42nd Street” the finale of
Miramar Cultural Center’s
Little Broadway Summer Camp


FUN ON 42nd Street




Lorna Lesperance with Director Stephen Semien of THE WIZ and JoMarie Payton of Family Matters, who taught acting


Wonderful show!

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Trudy Pitts – 8/10




Afrikkanitha – 8/8

Jeannie Cheatham - 8/14

Jeannie Cheatham – 8/14


To be released in  January 2014.  “I’m very excited to share a single from our upcoming CD ‘THIS IS WHERE I WANNA BE’, a teaser, if you will. The song ‘LOVE DANCE’ written by Brazilian Composer Ivan Lins in1988, by its nature, lent itself to the feel of my music/this album… sensual, romantic, hopeful…and full of possibility.  “Sugar On My Lips” (Single)

 “This Is Where I Wanna Be” (Single)

I’m also excited about our arrangement of ‘LOVE DANCE’ partly because it was a complete collaboration between all of us in the band. Building upon each of our ideas, we each contributed our interpretation of what this dance of love means. Drawing on the sensual, earthy call of african drums, we made the percussion the canvas upon which we created this spacious and passionate expression of Love Dance…. Enjoy!” ~ Sharon Marie Cline “Love Dance” (Single)




debsax1Friday, August 16 @ 8-12 pm
Debbie Pierce Trio featuring Giuseppe Pucci (d)
Tavolino Della Nonna
10181 W Sample Road
Coral Springs 33065
Every Tuesday night @ 7-10:30 pm
Debbie Pierce performs with Kickback
Blue Martini
Boca Town Center
6000 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Dee Daniels

Dee Daniels

Friday, August 9 @ 8 pm
“Hudson Valley Jazz Festival”
Dee Daniels joins Chris Persad’s group, featuring Danny Walsh, tenor; Dan Chester, trombone; Joe Vincent Tranchina, piano; Robert Kopec, bass; and Bob Meyer, drums.
The Dautaj, 36 Oakland Ave., Warwick, NY
Tickets: (845) 986-3666

Saturday, August 17 @ 8 pm
“Jazz at the Lake”
The concert reunites Dee Daniels and P.J. Perry, one of Canada’s award-winning saxophonists along with a fantastic Alberta rhythm section.
Alliance Community Church
4404 – 47th Avenue
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada
Tickets: $35 – Buy online at

Friday, August 30 @ 8;00 and 10:00 pm
“A Night Out With The Boys”
Dee Daniels presents an evening of signature songs made popular by some of her most favorite male jazz singers including Sinatra, Nat “King” Cole, Chet Baker, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Dee is joined by Carlton Holmes (p); Paul Beaudry (b); Alvester Garnett (d); and TK Blue (sax/flute). It promises to be a musically exhilarating evening!
Kitano Jazz Club, 66 Park Avenue, NY
Tickets: (212) 885-7119 / $25 Cover + $15 min. per set


September Performers

Dotti Anita Taylor

Denise Best

James Daggs

Melanie Dyer

Melanie Dyer

Jessica Freeman


Bill Lowe

Antoinette Montague


Linda Presgrave


Ricky Alfonso


Sunday, August 11, 2013 @ 12:00 noon – 7:00 pm
Free Admission

Nicki Mathis joins The Swans

The POWER for Peace Family Fest

Inspired by Sandy Hook families and their loved ones to join together in peace and represent all forms of charity and compassion.

WHERE: Bushnell Park, Hartford CT

IF YOU BELIEVE IN PEACE . . . THIS is the day for YOU!!!
ALL WELCOME! FREE concert with Emcee: KRISTEN CUSATO and Special Guest: Speaker Mike Hall.
Call for Info: 203.574-3322

Saturday, September 7, 2013 @ 8:00 pm


The Artists Collective, 1200 Albany Av/Jackie McLean Way
Hartford, CT 06112, 860.527.3205 Wheelchair Accessible

Nick Mathis

The longest running jazz festival celebrating jazzwomen & their music features:NICKi MATHIS’ Afrikan Amerikan Jazz New Millennium All Stars

Ricky Alfonso, Billy Arnold, Denise Best, James Daggs, Melanie Dyer, Jessica Freeman,Tulina Varela, Renee Jackson, Joey, Bill Lowe, Maxine Carol Martin, Antoinette Montague, Linda Presgrave, Dotti Anita Taylor, Deborah Weisz, Michelle McFarland, Latoya Williams; Invited: Dayna Snell, Rev. Mia Douglas, Mark Whitecage and more!

This year’s festival is dedicated to the memory of Carline Ray, Rozanne Levine, Ana Grace Márquez-Greene, Zakiah Barksdale, Paulette.

SPONSORS: MCW, Inc., in collaboration with the Artists Collective.

FREE Admission funded in part from the Evelyn Preston Memorial Fund, Bank of America Trustee; MCW, Inc.

Also, supported by Smith Whiley & Co., Carla & Byron Dean, Antoinette Montague; Cull Books; Media Sponsor: Inquiring News; Access; MCW banner Courtesy Jim Fentress.

Interested sponsors call 860.231.0663; 860.665.7399

MCW, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

Maxine Carol Martin

deborah weisz

Deborah Weisz

Latoya Williams

Billy Arnold



Internationally recognized jazz pianist and Steinway artist Lenore Raphael will perform at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival at the Market Theatre in Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday, August 24, 2013, joined by bassist Jimmy Mgwandi and drummer Walter Kotu. Raphael’s hard-swinging mainstream style is compared to Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell, and Bill Evans. She’s appeared at major jazz clubs and festivals like Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Birdland, and The Blue Note in New York City; Ronnie Scott’s in London; The S.S. Oosterdam Jazz Cruise; the Ottawa Jazz Festival and the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) Convention in Toronto. Raphael has seven critically acclaimed recordings on the Swingin’ Fox label, including Loverly with guitarist Howard Alden.  Listen to Lenore’s recording of Emily on the Joy of Jazz website: Visit Lenore’s website: For booking:

Paulette Dozier RECORDING LIVE at club Il Tavolino della Notte

AUGUST 24, 2013

Music begins: 7:45 pm

IL Tavolino Della Notte 
Tavolino della Nonna Restaurant
10181 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL 33065

(954) 509-0046 or




On July 18, 2013, Carline Ray, Jazz Pioneer and Catherine Russell’s Mother, passed away at 88. We truly appreciate the outpouring of condolences and expressions of love, admiration, and support. In addition to the many personal cards, emails, and messages, Obituaries and Tributes have appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, CNN, JazzTimes, NY Amsterdam News, Boston Globe, and the NY Times. Carline’s legacy lives on~!!!

[New York Times obituary] July 27, 2013
Carline Ray, an Enduring Pioneer Woman of Jazz, Dies at 88
Carline Ray, a pioneering jazz instrumentalist and vocalist who joined the all-female International Sweethearts of Rhythm in the 1940s, later performed with Erskine Hawkins and Mary Lou Williams and this year released her first recording as a lead vocalist, died on July 18 in Manhattan. She was 88.The cause was complications of a stroke, said her daughter, the jazz singer Catherine Russell.In an era when female jazz musicians were rare, Ms. Ray was often the only woman in the band in a career that spanned seven decades and multiple instruments and genres, from calypso to choral works.
“She always made a point of saying she wasn’t a female musician,” Ms. Russell recalled.

“She was a musician who happened to be female.” Catherine’s mother was proud but also felt a constant need to prove herself in a world dominated by men. “She would never let anybody help her with her amplifier or her bass,” Ms. Russell said.

Ms. Ray started her career surrounded by female musicians, though, as a member of a later incarnation of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, an integrated, all-female group that first formed in the 1930s at a Mississippi school for poor black children.Ms. Ray had just graduated from Juilliard, in 1946, when she joined the Sweethearts, playing rhythm guitar and singing. A few years later she joined the band led by Mr. Hawkins, singing but also playing rhythm guitar. Later, when she married the bandleader Luis Russell, who had helped organize a group led by Louis Armstrong, she insisted that she continue performing, and she did.Mr. Russell died, in 1963, when Catherine was 7.

Ms. Ray kept playing, taking her daughter to recording sessions and performances. She spent decades as a session musician, playing an electric Fender bass at studios in midtown. She sang classical choral works, including performances of Christmas music conducted by Leonard Bernstein. She sang backup on recordings for Patti Page, Bobby Darrin and other performers.Ms. Ray often sang and played bass with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, including in its 1971 production of “Mary Lou’s Mass,” by Ms. Williams, the pianist and composer. She also performed with big bands led by Sy Oliver and Skitch Henderson and, when it was under the direction of Mercer Ellington, the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

In 1980, she received a grant to study the upright acoustic bass, with Major Holley.When interest in female performers began increasing in the late 1970s, Ms. Ray became a regular performer at women’s jazz festivals, and later in life she was a mentor to younger female musicians, including the bassists Nicki Parrott and Mimi Jones. She also played in touring and educational groups featuring female musicians, including Jazzberry Jam.

“She wasn’t out there waving the flag saying ‘I’m a woman in jazz,’ ” Sally Placksin, the author of “American Women in Jazz,” said in an interview this week. “She was just always out there playing.”

Carline Ray was born on April 21, 1925, in Manhattan. Her father, Elisha Ray, was a horn player who graduated from Juilliard the year she was born. He had played with James Reese Europe and had offers for more musical work but, seeking steady income for his new family, he took a job with the post office not long after he graduated.Ms. Ray entered Juilliard at 16 and stayed five years, after changing her major from piano to composition.

In 1956 she received a masters degree from the Manhattan School of Music. In addition to her daughter, Ms. Ray is survived by a sister, Irma Sloan.

A Memorial Service will be held to honor Carline Ray on a date to be announced this fall at St. Peter’s Church in New York City.

carlineray-cdMs. Russell spent several years working with her to choose songs and arrangements for Vocal Sides, Carline’s first recording as a lead vocalist.

“Her aim was not to be a front person,” Ms. Russell said. “She used to tell me that she wanted to be a part of something bigger.”

Thank you also to those who have supported Carline’s music. Her debut CD, Carline Ray: Vocal Sides, produced by Catherine Russell, was released earlier this year, and is available on Amazon, CDBaby, and I-Tunes.

Vocal Sides Reviews:

“The album is highlighted by two stunning duets by mother and daughter” —Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal

“Her voice is simply magnificent…with a stunning version of Duke Ellington’s “Come Sunday”. Highly Recommended.” – Thomas Cunniffe,

“She sings a recital that spans jazz time, that is, across time, styles, periods, the whole of the music’s history. Vocal Sides is a masterful achievement.” – C. Michael Bailey, All About

*****Five Stars “Vocal Sides” is a wonderous showcase. Carline Ray is a true artistic treasure.” – Brent Black, @Criticaljazz

“Carline Ray’s new Vocal Sides, remarkably, her debut CD. Produced by her daughter, who sings on a couple of duets, the collection of jazz, pop and gospel standards showcases Ray’s expressive contralto.” – Bob Weinberg, Miami Herald

“Carline sings with a rich, mature vocal sound, blending soulful dignity with deep understanding of the musical and lyrical value of the songs.” – Jazz Mostly (UK)

Vocal Sides delivers with “confidence, spirit, playfulness and sincerity”. – CD Insight

“Juilliard-trained musician and singer Carline Ray, played with the all-women International Sweethearts of Rhythm big band in the 1940s…she just released a debut solo album, Vocal Sides” – Joan K. Smith, Huffington Post

“a soulfully charming album” – Jonny Meister, WXPN / PRX, Blue Dimensions

Catherine Russell is on tour with Steely Dan this summer through October 8, and resumes her touring as a leader with dates in France October 16-26, 2013. A new album had been recorded and is slated for release in early 2014 on the Jazz Village label. For additional information on all upcoming dates, visit the “tour” section of this site.

Peace and Blessings,
Cat Team

P.S. One of my most melodic memories is performing with Bertha Hope (p), Carline Ray (b), and Paula Hampton (d) at Saint Peter’s Church, in 1984, just before I moved to South Florida. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to sing with and interview Carline Ray on MUSICWOMAN RADIO . – Joan Cartwright a/k/a Diva JC

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October Conference . . .

MEOWcon_header_300x250MEOW Con will feature nearly 100 female performers in all musical styles. All performances will be held at the Austin Renaissance during the day and in the evening.  For more information about this event that will take place in Austin, TX, on October 24, 25 or 26th, 2013, visit the Website.


Gathering great women musicians together, we put women musicians to work and get their music heard by multitudes!

WELCOME our newest members Colleen Chanel, Connie and Robert Vance, who thought supporting women musicians was a good idea!

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