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Welcome Staff!

Starting June 1, 2021, Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. will have a staff of six:

  • Dr. Joan Cartwright, Founder and Editor-in-Chief
  • Mimi Johnson, Media Director
  • Jodylynn Talevi, Graphics Designer
  • Dr. J.A. Salaam, Sales Manager
  • Gwendolyn Tucker, Distributor
  • Warie Porbeni, Photographer


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WIJSF News July 2020

Artists are not ok right now. Broadway is closed until 2021, Cirque de Sole is filing for bankruptcy, tours are not happening, recording projects are on hold, cruise ship performers are out of work, theme park performers have no idea when they will be recalled. Performing arts organizations of all kinds, choirs, theaters, orchestras, dance companies are all trying to figure out on a daily basis how to keep going and employ anyone they can in the field. If you know anyone in the arts industry, reach out to them and tell them they matter. Give them a virtual hug and make sure they are taken care of. Donate to arts organizations and keep the arts alive. Our hearts and souls need it NOW more than ever.
Dr. Joan Cartwright was featured in the July 2020 issue of PODCAST Magazine.
Watch the video and scroll through the slides below.