WIJSF News October 2022


This month, we share the interview of Dr. Joan Cartwright by Fiona Ross, founder of Women in Jazz Media and our 411th member. You can listen on Spotify and visit her website: https://womeninjazzmedia.com

Watch the video and scroll through the slides.


3 thoughts on “WIJSF News October 2022

  1. This is a great interview. Joan explains her strategies, her life, her styles of music and ins and outs of being a woman jazz artist. Thank you so much!
    I get this all…but the team part…that’s not always easy. Where do you find that? Joan, you’re a treasure!

    • Irene, if you are available, join us on the last Sunday of each month at NOON EST. We come together to discuss the music business and our place in it. Are you getting the Zoom link? If not, let me know and I will send it to you in email. You should be on the email group list. THAT IS THE TEAM!!!

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