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It is WIJSF’s Sweet 16th Birthday. Let’s celebrate by continuing to promote women musicians, globally.

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WIJSF News December 2022

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WIJSF News November 2022

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Keynote Speaker Joan Cartwright on Thursday, November 10, 2022 @ 10 a.m. EST

Keynote: Who gives voice to diversity in jazz?

Dr Joan Cartwright is a renowned veteran of the Jazz and Blues stage for 40+ years. She is a vocalist, composer, and author of several books, including her memoir with touring and teaching experiences, and was honoured as the first Lady Jazz Master by Black Women in Jazz Awards in Atlanta, GA, in 2014. Her titles include Amazing MusicwomenSo You Want To Be A Singer? and A History of African American Jazz and Blues with interviews of Quincy Jones, Dewey Redman, Lester Bowie, among other jazz musicians and aficionados.

In 2007, she founded Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., a non-profit organization to promote women musicians. In 2022, the organization released its 8th CD of women composers. Dr Cartwright hosts MUSICWOMAN Radio, featuring women who compose and perform their own music at BlogTalkRadio, has two personal CDs Feelin’ Good and In Pursuit of a Melody, and featured as an actor in Last Man and The Siblings, two sitcoms produced by MJTV Network. In June 2022, she decide to incorporate Musicwoman Archive and Cultural Center in North Carolina to preserve the music of women composers and instrumentalists.

WIJSF News October 2022

This month, we share the interview of Dr. Joan Cartwright by Fiona Ross, founder of Women in Jazz Media and our 411th member. You can listen on Spotify and visit her website:

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A New Chapter

Some new developments in the life of Dr. Joan Cartwright

First, she moved to Clarendon, North Carolina on June 1, 2022, where she incorporated Musicwoman Archive and Cultural Center.

Next, she changed jobs from PBSC, where she taught Public Speaking, to SUNY Old Westbury where she is teaching Music and Media (AS3810).

Then, in November 2022, she will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2022 Documenting Jazz Conference sponsored by Jazz Heritage Wales at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD). The theme is “Who gives voice to diversity in Jazz?”


On June 30, 2022, Musicwoman Archive and Cultural Center was incorporated in the State of North Carolina. The mission of MACC is to provide educational services to the general public about women’s musical creation, documentation, and preservation.

The officers are

Mimi Johnson, President

Lydia Harris, Treasurer

Michael Monroe, Secretary

Dr. Joan Cartwright, Executive Director