MEMBERSHIP in Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.,

Join us and see the benefits! We are celebrating 15 years of musical service!

Thank you for all you do for WIJSF.
To answer your question, the ways that I am benefitting as a WIJSF member are:

  • Networking with other, like-minded musicians/composers.
  • Learning new things.
  • Inspired by other musicians and composers.
  • Collaborating with other musicians and composers.
  • Enjoying the magazine.
  • Enjoying the  podcasts and interviews.
  • Enjoying the Facebook posts, which is another way to connect with other WIJSF members.
  • Having my music on the CD is an honor. 
  • Simply being a WIJSF member is a validation of my abilities and talents!
  • The caring leadership of Dr. Joan Cartwright and her WIJSF Board.  

Thanks, again for your caring leadership!!
Peace and Blessings,
Grace Joy Reid